Perplexes: a free verse

Wish I could untie the responsibilities,aspirations and goals attachedto my mortal soul.Run away from the ghosts ofweight feeding on my being.How glittery and simple things werefrom the distance of view,they all have their realities slowly extractingthe elixir of life from me.To the eyes that witness the work of minein the air gusts of wind,I wish … Continue reading Perplexes: a free verse

The Scrambled Canvas

There is nothing new about the existence of overthinkers in various turns, except for the fact that people often without understanding their mind-built and thought process decide to manipulate them quite unknowingly. The list can be ranging from complete strangers to intimate people; intentions here matter the least on account of the effect that it … Continue reading The Scrambled Canvas

Uncaged: a story of many

Present. The morning opened with the usual chirps of nature. Air was gusting inside the room infiltering freshness everywhere. Through the eyes of the window one could see all rarities of the world, breathing out pure ravish. I could see a pair of cuckoo and mourning dove engaged in a rhythmic fight settling some issue … Continue reading Uncaged: a story of many

Eventide: a story

November 13, 2015. Paris. Blinded by the calming sensation he was lost in the beauty of it all. Everything appeared to be an ecstasy to him while he held her hand tightly. The soft touch of hers was somehow the strongest he would have ever experienced. Not failing to pass the brightest smile whenever their … Continue reading Eventide: a story

< Un-adulting >

The sun continues to score the sky,settling at its apex.The arrival of midday andbeginning of the highest note of the song of life.It’s scorching and irritating,having to abide by the turns thatappear on this road.Is this what they called adulting?Stepping out of the relaxes,into the warm onus of ripening years.The giggles of crayon smelling classrooms,varying … Continue reading < Un-adulting >

//To the Queen of people’s heart//

Dear Princess Diana, The eyes speaking of divinity, windows to your soul and those smiles of compassion, it was hard to escape your aura. The composure of your voice and resilient exuberance of personality continues even today to leave us awestruck. The day I saw your documentary, I was instantly pulled by the magnanimity of … Continue reading //To the Queen of people’s heart//

Break through the self-imposed standards

It’s hard to deny the way we impose certain requisites on self to satisfy our individuality. Life could have been fast and complex but isn’t this our way of making it more difficult.At all cases and times we expect to be above ‘that’ bottom line, without realizing that we are not always the master of … Continue reading Break through the self-imposed standards

The Story of Perseverance

Came across this story and felt like sharing it to all… ‘After a few very cold and rainy Cape Town winter days, the clouds parted and the sun only just re-emerged, offering me a small gap to run a Houtbay mountain trail. As I arrived at one of my favourite spots, there was already a … Continue reading The Story of Perseverance

The Wonderland: a free verse

I have heard about a wonderland, Where magic is momentarily persistent. Beginning with the kaleidoscopic zenith, A giant fills the sky with multiple hues in its presence. Every breath here is mystical, The smell of its wet dirt rejuvenates the senses. It’s a place of ubiquitous beauty, Spellbound is left one in all its sights. … Continue reading The Wonderland: a free verse

The Cupboard of Childhood

I peeped in the cupboard of childhood, only to find bygone times which were purely divine.I wonder how I would find happiness in the smallest of things, giggling and dancing myself out on the jimpest merriments.Sorrows would never outlive joys, although the cries were louder and shriller than ever, but they would vanish soon. I … Continue reading The Cupboard of Childhood

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