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  • Pyre of the skies: a free verse

    The empty skies get filledwith that joyous poisonwe liked being poured.Breath taken away from the womb of air,the violet surge is hidden somewhere.This periodic scenery has repeated itself yet again,though we remain unchanged.The whispers of life havethus been silenced by thehorrendous bangs of contentment.Fumes of varying tinge ignitesthe pyre of azure heaven.Angelic winged elveswere treated […]

  • Perplexes: a free verse

    Wish I could untie the responsibilities,aspirations and goals attachedto my mortal soul.Run away from the ghosts ofweight feeding on my being.How glittery and simple things werefrom the distance of view,they all have their realities slowly extractingthe elixir of life from me.To the eyes that witness the work of minein the air gusts of wind,I wish […]

  • The Scrambled Canvas

    There is nothing new about the existence of overthinkers in various turns, except for the fact that people often without understanding their mind-built and thought process decide to manipulate them quite unknowingly. The list can be ranging from complete strangers to intimate people; intentions here matter the least on account of the effect that it […]

The Hosts

Samantha and Olivia are both writers and activists.

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