Perplexes: a free verse

Wish I could untie the responsibilities,
aspirations and goals attached
to my mortal soul.
Run away from the ghosts of
weight feeding on my being.
How glittery and simple things were
from the distance of view,
they all have their realities slowly extracting
the elixir of life from me.
To the eyes that witness the work of mine
in the air gusts of wind,
I wish were totally blinded.
I have lost the glorious self image
long ago when my vision went blurry
under the teary sheet of times.
The touches of situation and bangs of circumstances
have entirely bruised my ears,
The shouts of motivation appears now to be
but uninterpretable whispers.
Such is the phase of life,
the harder I work the worse my luck.
In the middle of nowhere,
one moment I see the dim lights
of exciting turns appearing on my mundane road.
But my steps are welcomed almost always
with the darkness of confusion.
Am I to have self faith yet another time?
To walk down the same paths
which have cracked my sinews
hoping to reach a different destination.
How endlessly perplexed everything appears!

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