The Scrambled Canvas

There is nothing new about the existence of overthinkers in various turns, except for the fact that people often without understanding their mind-built and thought process decide to manipulate them quite unknowingly. The list can be ranging from complete strangers to intimate people; intentions here matter the least on account of the effect that it can have on a person.

How often do we make attempts to untangle the knots of an over-analyser ? It’s an entire ocean ready to generate violent tides that strike on the bounds of their own soul, clouds of thunder getting carried by the wind of events. A muddled up canvas which if arranged could have produced the best of arts.

Capable of predicting cum imagining the worst and enjoying the best at minimal is what defines them strikingly. Their talent reside sometimes in expecting worst from the best situations and this often calls for a bit of caution when interacting with them.

They deny anyone the entry to their emotional world in many cases, typically, no one gets to understand and explore them completely, not even parents or partners. Nevertheless, unannounced comments or remarks are their trigger, hurting them to the depth, ushering in a never ending blow of thoughts which is good enough to leave a dark speck on their grey cells.

Theirs is a case where fulfilling others expectations and getting yours broken becomes common, thanks to their random observation skills. All the tornadoes thus generated whirl inside their head while outside seems calm.

The greatest comfort that an overthinker can have is never physical but psychological. One disheartening word or even silence offers so much pessimism to them and for others it’s all a joke.

Unless people walk past the threshold of visible world into the dark crossroads of a deep-thinker and experience the bangs that lead to restless thought chains, it will all appear a silly trifling.

2 thoughts on “The Scrambled Canvas

  1. Aadima

    This is Soo good
    Awesome 😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the appreciation.


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