Eventide: a story

November 13, 2015. Paris. Blinded by the calming sensation he was lost in the beauty of it all. Everything appeared to be an ecstasy to him while he held her hand tightly. The soft touch of hers was somehow the strongest he would have ever experienced.
Not failing to pass the brightest smile whenever their eyes met, she was yet again making him fall for her; she was captivating.
Her carob hair were fluttering in the air as she walked briskly; her green dress was such catchy complimenting her beauty. Not much tall, but she fitted perfectly with him where she could hear the beats of his heart.
He was lost from the surroundings, entirely lost in her deep eyes which had a child resting in its abyss. He wanted to stop and spend some time in the still solitude of that evening, the clock seemed to tic faster when they were together.
He would rejoice at such moments, through the turning roads of life how lucky he felt to be with her, passing various tests of time and standing strong throughout for one sole desire that had to be turned into reality.
And here they were sealed together with those beautiful hoops of lover encircling their fingers.
There didn’t go a single day they didn’t feel blessed to have each other.
Where there is infinite love, the fear of losing seemingly haunts more than often. He would always keep her near, afraid of losing the one person of many manifestations in his life; protecting her childish self from the beastly clutches of the world, guarding her innocence from all mortal dangers.
The sun was setting, the crimson colour of the dusk made them look like two angels walking down the lane of love.
It was the 10th arrondissement of Paris, thought they’d dine in a nearby restaurant.
The cosmos seemed to play its tricks, his ring fell and rolled down the street, he disengaged his hand from hers, she went inside alone. While he picked his dear jewel, public commotion and gunshot sounds pierced through the airy calm of Paris streets. His heart was pounding, he rushed to find her. Frightened people were pouring out from all directions, he could not get inside. All that he got was the sight of howling death and cries of separation, terror had yet again preyed on lives.
He was lying, his eyes work closed and body drenched profusely in sweat, tossing on his bed. His senses began to take proper shape, the blinding clouds begin to shed. Presently, he woke up with a start, the rush of adrenaline was high.
His eyes were searching, a thousand nails were puncturing from inside out. The room’s silence was hollowing his being. He found her finally, near his bedside, an enchanting smile adoring her face, she looked at him with a true glance of love. As he brought her close to his heart, tears rolled from his eyes down to her face that never moved.
He was holding her picture casement in trembling hands that unfortunately was all left of her, “Wish it would have been just a nightmare.”

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