< Un-adulting >

The sun continues to score the sky,
settling at its apex.
The arrival of midday and
beginning of the highest note of the song of life.
It’s scorching and irritating,
having to abide by the turns that
appear on this road.
Is this what they called adulting?
Stepping out of the relaxes,
into the warm onus of ripening years.
The giggles of crayon smelling classrooms,
varying aspirations getting fed on negligence,
and the carefree walks down the cushiony path.
The wave of naivety appears on the shore
washing away the silt of crude years.
Wanting to slacken the hourglass,
cease all further progressions
there is an un-readiness that I feel.
It might have been an
initially adventurous desire,
which now haunts me.
There are some major roles awaiting me,
am I to stand on the altar of competence?
The bud shaded by sacramento leaves,
is to be exposed to the suspension of air.
Is it the happiness of full bloom
that must be an ecstatic joy,
or the gloom of vulnerabilities
ready to dawn on me.

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