Break through the self-imposed standards

It’s hard to deny the way we impose certain requisites on self to satisfy our individuality. Life could have been fast and complex but isn’t this our way of making it more difficult.
At all cases and times we expect to be above ‘that’ bottom line, without realizing that we are not always the master of the same energy and zest. Why to not pay any attention to the low days, down spirits and disheartedness ?
It’s not about making excuses if we could not do it, but respecting the peaks and dips in the graph of our energies, very natural which is.
This is also not about being always inside the bounds of one’s comfort zone and never breaking through the much awaited insights and experiences. But then we too need exceptions with the exceptionally altering days of our life.
Sometimes as content creators we want to create something perfect each time which also always must stand out. Then there comes the days when we get dissatisfied for not being able to stand on that benchmark.
During these times specially, we all have experienced to the fullest that there will be some breaks in life; no matter how hard we try, things WILL come at a halt during some days.
Having expectations from life is beautifully natural but, expecting your fullest each day is unnaturally harsh, isn’t it !? After all, life is anything but stagnant, highs and lows are very much it’s part.

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