The Story of Perseverance

Came across this story and felt like sharing it to all…

‘After a few very cold and rainy Cape Town winter days, the clouds parted and the sun only just re-emerged, offering me a small gap to run a Houtbay mountain trail.
As I arrived at one of my favourite spots, there was already a car, all covered in outdoor adventure gear logos. Moments later, the owner emerged from the path, dressed in the showiest of trail running gear, but without a drop of sweat. He told me, ‘It’s not worth it, the path is too wet and slippery’.
Bummer, I thought. But I was dressed and ready, so I thought I would at least go and check just how slippery it was. As I headed up, I could see the slide marks where the other guy had tried to make his way up to the contour path. I saw where the footsteps ended, and my ego decided to get further than my predecessor had. No more than 20 metres further and around the very next bend, the soil changed from clay to red mountain soil, which was wet but not at all slippery.
I continue to have one of the most awesome runs I have ever had in those mountains, surrounded by very little ravine and crevasse bubbling with the joys of recent rains as nature brimmed fresh from a three-day long old shower (and some light snow).
I pondered the times when I had given up on a person, a project, a relationship or a venture. But I wonder how many times we bail on a trail, give up on an idea or person or stop trying when success or contentment was lying only a few slippery steps ahead, just around the next corner?
Everything you say or do, however unintentional or inconsequential it may be in your own mind, has an impact on the world. Sometimes you see that impact and sometimes you don’t. Your actions are weighted. Your influence is felt. Who you are, what you say, and what you do matters greatly.’

Source: The Barefoot Coach
By Paddy Upton

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