The Wonderland: a free verse

I have heard about a wonderland,
Where magic is momentarily persistent.
Beginning with the kaleidoscopic zenith,
A giant fills the sky with multiple hues in its presence.
Every breath here is mystical,
The smell of its wet dirt rejuvenates the senses.
It’s a place of ubiquitous beauty,
Spellbound is left one in all its sights.

The entire universe squeezes up,
As tiny light balls peeping through the night sky.
The place is a true cinematography.
In its nadir exist pixie land,
Where winged elfs of all size fly in the aqua.
A strange harmony seems to exist,
Each stir of it has a timely synchronisation.
The home of diversifying enchantments,
Souls wearing different costumes reside in its womb.

Probably with the wand of magic,
Feathery buds open into scented flowers.
Tiny fairies score the whole sky,
Reaching out to the horizon in search of some adventure.
Puffy clouds ripple up to form varying arts,
Trying to fill up the blue canvas.
The wild winds here seem to carry bliss,
Taking us to the place we belong.

There resided some devilish beasts,
Preying on spirits and resources.
Destruction was beginning,
The dazzle was fading.
Before this annihilation could further materialize,
Encaged were such behemoths.
While your manacled self was cursing time,
Did you see the earth’s magic once again blooming like divine.

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