The Cupboard of Childhood

I peeped in the cupboard of childhood, only to find bygone times which were purely divine.
I wonder how I would find happiness in the smallest of things, giggling and dancing myself out on the jimpest merriments.
Sorrows would never outlive joys, although the cries were louder and shriller than ever, but they would vanish soon. I was not well versed in creating a collection of melancholies back then.
People were rather strange then, they would boost me up in all my endeavours and made me feel worth everything. I gasp at the tally of them, it has reduced drastically with time.
No matter what I did, zest and confidence were always brimming. Somehow, the art of self-doubt was absent. I was rather more patient, trusting the universe, always hoping for beautiful delights coming my way.
Practicality had its own place but I believed in the elements of magic that could make all dreams come true.
Today when I turn round to see what has been left behind, I find my pre-teen self waving at me.
With the years of life many new aspects get added in our personalities but some childhood essentials get lost.

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