The Girl Next Door: 2

In a happy house of three children, she was the second, pretty and athletic.
She too wanted to experience the wonders of the world. Her sports career had just began to take off.
She was diagnosed with severe meningitis, the infection was eating up her aspirations and hopes, she was just eleven. Scars of infectious struggle filled her face. Her arms and legs were soon amputated. The three and a half months she was confined in the hospital were those of skin transplants, surgeries and pain.
She went for rehabilitation and did not give up. Aided by prosthetic limbs, she worked for the moments which she wanted to live.
She was never pushed by her problems, but was led by her dreams.
Work of passion seldom goes unpaid. She represented her country in various tournaments of para-fencing.
Today she stands as a Paralympic gold medalist, and three times world champion; a whole lot of inspiration for innumerable people round the globe.
Where there is a soul of titanium, absence of limbs never stops success.
The girl on top of the world is Beatrice Vio, a manifestation of strength.

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