The Social Blame Game

Is there any end to theft by ceasing to earn? Is there any end to corruption by entirely dissolving the civic bodies? I guess no, this sounds absurd; then why do we use the same methodology with certain set of crimes? How long can we continue to blame the sufferers?

Yes, I am talking about ‘crimes against women’; the more I see these set of words the more I believe that our approach is somewhat as if it’s not ‘against women’ but ‘triggered by women’.

Our daily ways are actually shameful, big or small, very many acts support the idea of victim blaming. This sufferer pointing is vast, comprising dress shaming, commenting on the company she has, frowning on her ‘too frank friendly’ attitude in public and disgusting her male-friends.

Don’t let time fool you, even though it’s 2021, many around us have this mentality. Some speak it out, others gossip behind the back. Don’t think that these people don’t matter, they are the feeders of criminal mentality (atleast indirectly). They make them believe that crimes are legit under some circumstantial mistakes by girls.

In the tree of society, criminals are pests, if we keep plucking the leaves to save them from pests, the entire tree will trample down, and the pest will still remain unharmed.

If blame game is such a habit, try it with the concerned person.

Have we ever looked what ‘some boys’ are watching in their cell phones, the comments they pass amidst each other when a girl passes by or the kind of mentality that is getting nurtured in their minds.

I am not blaming all the males out there. But if we try asking the very list of questions from them which are generally imposed on females, things might get better.

Ensuring that nothing wrong happens to someone is nice, but why not try ensuring that no-one does anything wrong !

All I wish to say is,

Guide her to play it safe, not to cease the play.

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