Paw Pal 🐾

Like any other day,she stood there with a broad and carefree smile adoring her face; she was pleased at the sight. Nothing else could have given her this joy at the moment.

The fury, fluffy and cute little anonymous friend on the other end of the street walking on and on with its tail waging endlessly and fat belly going side to side with each step was a real treat to watch. She couldn’t help but grin.

“A black lab !”

She was really into these fury creatures and could literally stare them all day long.

Her joy was eternal, these hounds were somewhat of her first love.

Watching her friends get their new canine members would surge into her an all new excitement.

“Let us too get a lab this December, what say?”

Came in her common mundane reply, “Not really, I won’t ”

It was then she pulled out the picture of the most beautiful dog she had ever seen, with its chocolate fur, otter-like tail and the brightest shining eyes; from her pocket.

“Miss you Annie, Love you always !”

Sometimes, all that is left behind is the memory and long gone moments of togetherness. All she could do was to look at those who still had those moments alive, and smile…

2 thoughts on “Paw Pal 🐾

  1. Amita Mishra

    It is really beautiful and heart-touching.
    Thank you for this story

    Liked by 2 people

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