A kingdom of complete devastation where lives and circumstances are altered according to the interest of the dominants, a place where resources are to be exploited and habitats are triggered until they come at the halt of extinction; Earth.

It has been hundreds of summits and semi/webinars; thousands of journals and books; and tons of people behind this cause, still the human species continues to exploit other species in all ways possible.

We have been killing, damaging and destructing many different habitants of the same planet, as if we are the owners of Earth.The world is but a democracy where every creature must have its share of rights.

We humans love grabbing our share of rights on nature but never fulfill our duties.

When homo sapiens go out hunting and killing animals for their fur and bones, things are absolutely justifiable and fine, while the same humans call it a disaster when being killed by a carnivore. News columns of a lion or tiger killed by villagers on its entry inside a village has become quite common these days; when we think the other way round, it was not the lion that entered your area it was you, homo sapien, who destroyed and took over its forest.

It’s already been around 7 months the world is quarantined; no matter what experts might call it but I call it a natural avenge that one genus is taking on behalf of all other species who have been exploited endlessly day in and day out. This avenge might sound highly cruel, with millions of deaths and billions of people ill round the globe; but it’s important to reflect on the fact that we never set a limit of animal killing, we did that freely, endlessly and happily, so why would the novel corona virus have its limit !

It is never easy to accept punishments after committing crimes, but some incidents of animal abuse really deserve its mention here.

The dolphins of Faroe Island,Denmark have been brutally hunted in vast numbers.

There have been times when the turtles of Bangladesh were trapped in plastic waves.

There have been injured rhinos left alone in forest to die after cutting off their horn.

The list is endless and our acts are diverse; while you take 60 seconds to read this, another animal has already been abused, that’s the data.

Some say such acts keep the population balance in animals otherwise, they would be overpopulated. Well, if the data is not wrong its humankind that’s getting over populated, why not hunt, kill and eat each other then?

We claim the ownership of earth as its dominant race. Surprisingly, when this ruling animal was locked down, Earth started breathing freely and nature revived to its best, as if a kingdom flourishing after the de throning of a tyrant dictator. Earth would have been a better planet without us !

This discrimination of species has to end, the dictorial attitude of human beings must change otherwise, nature will always find its ways to establish balance when things go out of control and the next target might be You !!

2 thoughts on “Avenge

  1. Sumit

    Great. Proud to be your father

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