Instruction to Destruction

It starts the very moment we step out in the world, the very moment we decide to grind ourselves for all those tasks which need to be done.

We run for work, we run for other’s expectations, we run for self expectations, when we might say that “I did it !”. Self-created deadlines, self-assertive tasks, bit of self-motivation and tons of self-negligence; the human brain and it’s thought process is such vast.

I hope that this doesn’t get as confused and messed up as my mind gets at time during such runs; and its high time we might realise that such is the case when we instruct to destruct.

As soon as we wake up we start to think of our needs, goals and plans; well it’s not wrong to be highly focused but then, is it fine to just think about everything but ourselves. What I want to point out is that there must be a time we must exclusively think of our own selves because if this machine wont work properly no other work will be done.

Why do we have to crush, crunch and grind our poor brain all the time? Without realising that if this Central Processing Unit goes mad then your PC is completely devastated, no matter how well maintained it is.

Various tasks to perform, gigantic goals to hit, long and short range of plans, many people and many moods to tackle and just one poor self. How long will this work ? This is the time we stop all thoughts, all confusion, all imaginations and all scenarios encircling our grey matter. We must then breathe deep, just observe not reflect and just take in what the world is offering without processing it. After all overthinking hasn’t ever been a solution.

People are able to do so much for one perfect life and one perfect body without knowing that all those body tonics, skin care range, hair serums and protein powder stands completely useless unless our mind is relaxed and we generate positive vibes for ourselves. Each time we think we generate set of commands in our brain and those do not go unaffected. So whether positive or negative these thoughts ought to produce results. By relaxing our thoughts, thinking of positives and inviting optimism, we not only focus better but we also do justice to our body which is ultimately unharmed.

Such immense potential has been given to us that just with our mindset we can either construct or destruct our life and our self. Therefore, be cautious next time when you are embarking on a virtual journey on your chain of thoughts because at that point of time you might be lodging an instruction to destruction.

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