Monthlies don’t Lie

Get off the whispers and murmurs; is it really something we need to be hesitant about ? Is there need to hide from others ? Is it worth cancelling outings, workouts and trips ? Monthlies make a complete woman and they must not be a reason to put them down on any basis. If monthlies sound complex, let us better use the word ‘periods’. This time saying it bold and loud.

It has been so often that the people around us tell as their versions of biology and prevents us from so many things, terrifies us and confines us. And all that we need to understand is, why fit in the manacles of society when we were made to stand out.

The basic thing is people might lie but menstruals never make pretence. They mark the perfect time for all types of workout and have increased energy levels. Obviously, working out on menstruation is far better than being a couch potato. Menses never offer any biological boundaries to girls, it is the society, their views and our mindset which tries to bound us. It is quite natural and nature has never produced boundations.

It’s amazing to know that there is no scientific reason you should be skip on your workouts during your menses. But then, one might ask, why to take up all sorts of activities ? Well, human body is all about hormones; progesterone and estrogen are two which make people feel tired and less energetic. Both of them are at their lowest during the entire length of the period phase of the menstrual cycle. Quite interesting, isn’t it ??

So, on an obvious basis monthlies are the strength of a lady and not her weakness; dare not anybody call it one !! Run more, travel more and workout double during your periods and show the world that you are far ahead than what they think. Let there be no excuse for your being behind anyone in this world, to show them that you stand out no matter what comes your way.

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