The Dooms Day

Have you ever thought, what would it be to be on your deathbed and look back to the life you have had ? Have you ever given it a thought ? A life of dreams, aspirations, expectations, heartbreaks and bitter realities.

When I think about this, there comes a whole turmoil of thoughts, some are quite weird, are childish but still they dawn on me.

There are always goals which keep us preoccupied and that is all about being a human. This could be a perfect lifestyle, a huge business empire, an aspired career or a life of peace with your soul mate. But all amidst these, is there anything which would relieve me from the fear of letting lose my hold on everything or anything that I might keep to myself for the time to come ?

The empire would not wait for me, it will keep up its pace; the dream lifestyle will be left behind; the perfect career will be terminated and in fact everybody around, will ultimately get back to work leaving me and my memories behind. This is absolutely justifiable and correct on their part, but still doesn’t convince me.

The world moves such fast today that I wonder what would it be like when I am gone ? I wish I could see those who would be really affected in my absence, those who would sigh and cry, those would mourn for a while and finally those who would move ahead as if I was nobody. Foolish it may sound !

But then, the world comes with its own embitterments and such a sight might shock me because we live in a place where people wear masks. I might never have been a part of their lives no matter how much pretence was made. Such things would shatter anybody.

Although I just cannot forcibly seal a place of mine in a person’s heart, but atleast I can have a life which seals itself in the world. Amidst all the materialistic targets and getaways, there must be a life worth remembrance by all. A life which I can be contented to live, one to embrace and one which stood out. Well, I might be wrong on this one but still, I strongly believe that the basic purpose behind this birth was to be able to make yourself useful, to make a difference in lives.

” The goal is not to live forever but it is to create something that will.”

That can be entirely agreed upon. But then, it depends on what you choose to create. It’s basically not about letting your work live for eternity but about you, as a person been remembered by all.

Let’s now make this bit practical. There are two people: one is Thomas Edison who invented the light bulb and his creation entirely made a difference to the society, on the other hand is Mother Teresa, who never invented anything but herself made a mark on lives. The importance of an electric bulb can never be denied but, it is Mother Teresa that reside in our hearts and not Thomas Edison. Today as I stand and eye the whole world, I see people appreciating works, not efforts; striving for goals, not people; wanting to achieve, not love !! Be a person who will be remembered for what he was and not for what he did.

At this point let me clarify, having great goals and hustling to grab them is not wrong, but that is something which feeds our mind, passion and zest. There also need to be something that feeds our heart, soul and conscience. This one thing can literally be anything. For me, when I become a reason for someone’s smile, it is the best part. For you it can be something else, entirely different but solely beautiful.

When we all are headed inevitably towards the death, why not create a life and live one which makes us smile and contented in the end. So that even if we are unloved atleast we will be not be unremembered on the dooms day.

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