Isn’t it all about rising above our fluke, discovering our own selves and letting go of everything that comes our way so that we don’t need any excuse to cover up our defeat.

‘Probably some day’, ‘Hard luck’, these are not just phrases or sympathies we sometimes hear from others or tell ourselves ; these are excuses we give to the world for the reason of our loss ; Luck !!

Be it education sector,industrial sector, sports or whatsoever; there is always this luck affair between us and our goals.

But is it really luck that refrains us from doing the best we can ?

Being honest about it, sometimes when our preparations, planning and execution is not upto the mark we blame our fortune; mostly to console our ownselves.

It does not mean that luck has negligible role in our lives but it should not be our excuse for defeat.

There is this reality about the society around us, no matter what happens if we lose then nobody will ask for the reason. People really don’t care how or why; all they note is that you got defeated. So, whatsoever be the under column details the headline is always your result. The world is certainly not a place for excuses.

It is thus our duty to prove to our ownself that we will give our 100% to whatever task we are into, because it is the victory that the world remembers.

More than self-consolation, it is self-motivation that we need. Motivation, to push you when you feel like stopping, to make you stand even after falling a hundred times, to make another move even after failing to make dozens of them previously.

Hard but true; when we fall there can be people who would laugh and blame but there hardly would be those who’d help to get up. It is as simple as that!! The only person who can stop you is you; and it is only that person in the mirror who can drive you further in your life.

The most efficient way of making things better is make self promises and self commitments because a promise to self is never broken. It need not to be a huge ground shattering commitment, start off with small steps, little but worthwhile goals for you to achieve.

Somewhere on the social media, came across this amazing post which challenged the viewers to dedicate the next 90 days exclusively to their goals; and that is exactly what we need to generate a forward push. It’s all about setting a goal and a target to hit in the coming 3 months and achieving it no matter what comes your way or how hard it gets.

Each morning when you get up, you need to be sure that you are a better person than you were yesterday; and each night reach out the bed contended that your day was one of self-improvement !!

It is all worth it in the end. So, you need not to stay and wait for the Wheel of Fortune to whirl but set out a bit early than others and grind yourself till you make it.

4 thoughts on “Self-Robust

  1. Nitin

    Ur the best keep it up

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  2. Azeem Ansari

    Thanks for writing this post.

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    1. Thank you so much 😃

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