Dear Bapu,

It has been so many years since we got that great gift from our fighters ; it’s been so many struggles ; it has been amidst so many sacrifices be it physical, social or mental. Many lost their lives, their families, their dreams ; and then there are people like us who enjoy this gifted independence, do nothing else but judge those whose sacrifices have made the very foundation of our country.

An apology from us for not only forgetting all goodwills you did but also misjudging your actions and decisions on the mere social media havoc happening around .

A Law student of England, who would have had a much more comfortable and luxurious future, decided to return to his roots to start from the scratch and uplift people. Honestly, we didn’t deserve that from your side.

It was all your planning skills and the way you made the correct directional use of the Indian masses to accomplish something that seemed impossible.

It is strange how you decided to fight for racial discrimination in a foreign land when the white people threw you out of the train. Even more stranger are those Indians, who out of nowhere decide to blame and hate you, that too when you dedicated your all for us. Better than us are those foreigners who continue to acclaim you till this date.

It was 1915 AD when you returned to India and travelled the whole country to understand the conditions here; we are repentant Bapu, we never tried to understand you.

You always walked the path of non- violence, tried to achieve something huge without shedding any blood. Shamefaced are we, who mistook your principles as your weakness.

Was it easy Bapu? To be thrown out of a train, to be sent to jail many times and still remain non-violent, patient and bold; it is the purest form of strength the world would ever see.

Wasn’t it difficult to hail from a rich family, study in London, reside in South Africa and then renounce all worldly pleasure, just hustle for your motherland ?

At the age when people sit back, relax and look up to the next generation to serve, you decided to walk for 25 day continuously, all the way from Ahmedabad to Dandi to pave a new path for the children to be born in free India ; it would have been difficult but, you never lost the zest !!

It’s hard to see people divide into communities when you, as a leader always encouraged unity. Even harder is it to accept the two Nation theory in the need of peace in the country. We are wrong when we say that you initiated the partition of India.

It would have been shattering to see Hindu Muslim riots, mass killings and communal hatred all round the country and been left with only one option to stop it; the partition !

Guilt ridden are those who never tried to understand the circumstances you faced and the decisions you made. It’s nothing but our misfortune that when South Africa, Australia, Denmark and the United States of America celebrate your birthday week and relive your teachings; we sit back and criticize you.

Wish you had been somewhere else where your struggles would have been acclaimed, your life would have been adorned and yourself would have been respected for time boundless. Still, no matter what may happen somewhere deep down our hearts reside Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, our Bapu !!

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