Being somebody’s type: A Hero

Often have we heard it said, ‘ Not all superheroes wear capes’. But then, not all of them are soldiers, policemen or doctors; some superheroes are just like you and I. These people do not protect the nation, neither do they treat patients, rather they donate a pint of life regularly.

Yes, guessed it right, they are blood donors. Being one is not just a task but a much needed responsibility which we fulfill.

We all have been provided with a perfect human body which we will someday return back to nature, it is thus in our hands how we make use of it. Being a donor is something of pride, because somewhere, to someone you are a Hero who gave a gracious gift of life.

Blood donation is something each one of us should do, as soon as we are 18 upto the age of 60. There are so many myths regarding it which need a clarification.

First of all is the tattoo taboo. Well, anyone who is disease free can donate blood, doesn’t matter whether that person has a tattoo or not.

People think that giving away blood is not healthy and weakens the body. Things should thus be very clear, blood donation has numerous health benefits aswell. It reduces the chance of various heart diseases, cancer and haemochromatosis. In addition to this, it lessens the risk of liver and kidney damage; moreover it improves our cardiovascular health and reduces obesity.

Each time we donate, we burn about 650 calories, quite good is that !

Amidst so many personal benefits, it is hard to stay a non-donor.

Keeping aside all the benefits of the world; the satisfaction and contentment we get after giving something that would save lives, add years in somebody’s chapter and wipe their tears, is priceless, out of the world.

“Tears of a mother cannot save her child, but your blood can.”

We indulge in so many activities, and do all sorts of tasks, it won’t be difficult to spare 30-40 minutes once a month or two, to do our part as a human.

So next time when we see an ambulance pass by we will not only silently pray for someone’s well-being but, deep down we will be contented that we have already done our part. No matter who you are or what you do, always donate a pint of your blood because you’re somebody’s type.

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