The Interconnecting Notifications

Being eyed with disgust, considered a reason for distance and disagreement, the so-called root cause of all sorts of pessimism around; Social Media .

In the 21st Century, while science and technology continue to grow, and the world is experiencing a digital revolution, social media somehow came into existence to elevate or demote lives, can not say !!

I would not disagree to the point that there are a lot of adverse effects people have suffered because of it. But then, is it completely reasonable to form an opinion about something without viewing it from different corners ?!?

Well, if there have been increased rate of cyber crimes, cyber bullying, fraud, spams, security and health issues; who is the one responsible ? Is it the cellphone that misguides or the apps which make things go out of hand ? It is all us and nothing else. We, being a bit careless, too extrovert and unseeingly trusting unknown users. Not being alert has its own price and some do pay it on social media.

So why not have a holistic approach to it.

Amidst our busy lives, hectic schedules, it is this public network hat gives us few moments to connect with others, to share moments and live an affixed life.

It was when i passed out of school, that I realized how much I owe to mass media. While most of us were busy with various entrance exams and admissions, we got few moments to relive those amazing school memories and to cherish them till the very end of life.

A time of free intellect, where everyone is uptight to share their views and experience without any superficial resistance. What better platform could there be other than Facebook and Twitter ?!

In addition to this, we can update ourselves with the latest happenings round the globe.

Furthermore, it can be very likely used for any sort of promotional or social activity.

We have a great deal of information and references regarding anything and everything; it will thus be unwise to consider only one side of something.

By limiting our time on internet and by staying watchful we can bring out the plus points o the things we generally consider faulty.

It totally depends on ones approach whether a thing is used contructively or destructively.

While, the world advances, new trends will be set up, Our vulnerability to them is totally in our hands, no matter what the situation may be !!

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