The Teenage Turmoil

When the world around starts to change , seems a better and bigger place to explore; when suddenly responsibilities dawn on us ; when we might look mature but are still innocent by heart ; when we might act or behave hardy but still have some soft corners in our bosom, that is the time we are Teenagers !!

For others it might just be a stage of life, a process of growth , but for those who are into it , it is The Biggest change they experience.

But what makes this stage of life , a turmoil?!?

Well, what I believe is a set of wrong judgements, pre-understandings and people around being judgemental .

For some teenagers are kids and thus should be treated likely; for others that are grown ups and must act likely. Why do we judge them ? Why do we expect so much and suppress them so much ?

It is a transition stage. Yes , they are not kids anymore, they somewhere and somehow know the do’s- don’t of life,they need not to be chided and overpowered all the time. Their existence,views and decisions must be respected.

But, at the same time they ate not adults either; they might make mistakes ,they might fall, they too have soft corners and they too cry when they get hurt not only physically but psychologically .

There is a separate way , a complete different outlook people need to have when with teenagers.

The tumult arises when we try to bruise their self respect. Let’s make this a bit more practical. What happens when we get something new for ourselves ?? Care, protection and pamper , isn’t it ?!?

That is exactly the mindset of the adolescents aswell. They need to protect their newly developed sense of self respect and esteem. But, people don’t care about these aspects, they are extremely over critical to term it as a mere ego!!

When people get sarcastic with them, the convulsions and chaos arises. Tell them if they are wrong, advise them but never try saying things to make them believe that they are unworthy. Sometimes those remarks and chides hurt deep down the heart.

Well, it’s not about you being right and they being wrong !! It’s about that in this world we all have to live and that’s only possible when we have the desire to.

There should be a mutual belief and trust; it will never be broken , because today’s youth might seem neglectful , emotionless, distracted but deep inside , they care for those who believe in them!!

” Without trust , it’s only a matter of time before relations crumble.”

2 thoughts on “The Teenage Turmoil

  1. Nishi

    I feel that both adults as well as teenager are vulnerable. They have to meet half way to understand, respect each other and both parties have to go on backfoot without any ego hassles to accommodate each other.

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    1. I totally agree with you ma’am …it’s the duty of both to understand each other the better way

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