Botch to Learn

The world is moving fast and so do we. We do whatever we can, however possible; to chase our dreams, achieve our goals and ultimately become ‘Successful’.

Success is not just a feat or destination, which will comeover one day. It as rather a process, a journey , like a complete book with many chapters and lessons of its own.

Success , like most other things won’t come without paying something . It requires more then hard and smart work; after falling down and getting up, after losing and learning to fight back.

When it comes to failure ,it is not just an event or a stepping stone but rather a test to check our capability of succeeding.It is nothing divergent to the back pull of a band to generate the power to move forward.

Everyone wants to be successful in life; who won’t want !?! But there is nothing in the world that comes free and Failure, is certainly the price we have to pay; no other option available!!

No matter how good we might be at our workplace , no matter how hard or consistently we work ,there will be days when we FAIL !!And is something unavoidable.

Failure is an integral part in the journey; it’s a human thing to make mistakes.

Let me very honest about it. Well, it happens with almost everyone. When we conquer any short-term goal and we win , we move ahead without caring to look back on the footsteps that were off track.

But reverse is the case with defeat, we look back; back to all those mistakes we made , all those off track actions ; don’t we ?!?

The best way to learn is by getting defeated . Well that doesn’t’t mean, defeat is the only ultimate reality of the world .

It is our chance to learn, to grow and improve with all we have and all we can.

In his book, John Maxwell quoted that, “Pain is one way universe gets your attention.”

As long as we are going to fight to convert our world into a dream world , we are certainly going to botch , to err ,it will be painful but we’ll have to rise above it; because we cannot and will not grow without challenge !!

So, accepting this challenge we agree to combat till we procure what we want, no matter what may come. We might fail, but not to be distressed, disheartened or to quit but rather to learn. Because the best way is Botch to learn ….

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