The March Strides : Everyone at par

It has already been long that we read about women empowerment. We want justice for them, equal rights and want to provide them the power they need to live and rejoice life the way they want.

For many countries such theories and initiatives are way too obvious; their women are highly empowered and walk with men with complete freedom and liberty. But, for many it is still a dream !

The world in the 21st Century is highly divergent, we have many faces and contrast situations as we cross borders.

What we see on our televisions right now as the FIFA Women’s World Cup goes on is only one side of the present scenario. Forget about their right to play football, there are countries where girls are not allowed to see live matches.

Such laws do not come up without reasons, lets know the prime agenda behind these. According to such law makers, it will be unethical for women to see men playing in shorts; moreover when in a stadium, they might draw unnecessary attention.

In one corner of the world French, English and Nigerian people are wanting better facilities, coaching and opportunities for their players, and at the same time few countries are not able to recognize their girls as players.

It was not long back that women of Saudi Arabia were legally allowed to view live matches but, with a complete veil and their entry being restricted away from men. Such reforms generally make people wonder whether this slow and steady would win the race or not.

Recently while going through the brochure of the Dubai Mall something appeared; it said that women must wear respectable clothes, not over knee length. Well, what exactly is their definition of respectability then ?

Only six countries provide equal rights to women and men: Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Latvia, France and Luxembourg.

It might seem hard to believe but there exists places where females are not allowed to vote, Vatican City; not allowed to take decisions without a male consent, Saudi Arabia ; not allowed to abort, quite a many countries in this list;not allowed to play outdoor games and go for swimming; and then people think that women empowerment is not the need of the hour.

“She can overcome everything that is meant to destroy her.”

Let’s not talk about empowering women, well they already are ! The world has already produced amazingly talented ladies, without any superficial empowerment. Just provide them the apt atmosphere, rights and space they need to exercise their powers.Let them live the way they want. This world is no less than a two wheeler, and it won’t run smoothly with one of it’s tire chained.

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