The Green Side

Ticking away time, developing world ,urbanising areas and growing us. But in this ever swifty time something we have left behind; well that’s our future!!

Not a single person is novice to the present scenario of the place we have got to live , in fact the only one we have got . To be honest ,we all know but we don’t care. This is something which sounds a bit absurd to me.

We hear about rising temperature, melting glaciers, deforestation, exhausting resources and extincting species , all we do is read , speak , think and criticize ; that’s all because we think that this is the atmost line of action we can follow.

What seems of high level and planning hardly takes any time. Don’t have to walk miles or spend tons on the environment ,just an instinct of awareness, care and responsibility is enough to bring about remarkable changes.

It’s high time we understand that the time to act and not just react has come. Why do we waste and let waste like it won’t affect anybody ??!! When it’s our future , we will have to act no matter what it takes !!

Firstly , we need to be practical enough to understand that these environmental problems are more than our mere Science chapters.

Taking out a few seconds from our busy schedules to close a running tap or switching off an electric appliance won’t waste time and money.

Air conditioners are the direct cause of global warming , and people know that!! We complaint about rising temperature and the scorching heat, we then use these appliances unconditionally and then again complain about heat the next year. Is it any kind of merrymaking…. being the prime cause and complaining about the result ??!! Can’t we use air conditioners at least on a controlled basis, for limited hours…

We people are compassionate animal lovers but are foolish enough to buy leather , fur and jewellery made from elephant tusks . When we stop buying , they stop selling and killing. It is as simple as that !!

I just don’t think that in any way, these little steps will be hard to take. It will be highly remorseful that whatever we took away from earth we could never return !!

Together we have to create a world beyond expectations , because away from this urban haphazard there is a Green side waiting for us ; full of peace , contentment and safety . So let’s just do our part without bothering about others and walk towards the Green Side…….

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