The Unrepeated Combination

Look around yourself , surrounded by billions of people , billions of combinations made by God Himself and you stand as God’s unrepeated combination.

There is a general tendency of most of us to crib on things we don’t have rather than enjoying the assets we have. Why do we have to try being like someone else a bit taller, bit fairer ?

Uniqueness in itself is beauty it’s not just a word. Believe it, each one of us is beautiful but, differently beautiful.

Why do we have to crave for that same type of beauty ? There are no boundaries , no limit and no definition of beauty.

Not all beauty is reflected back in the mirror ; mirror is incapable of it. Look deep within yourself , the set of talents, the personality and out look you have is unique , matchless and that is your real beauty.

So , what is beauty? Is there any perfect definition or criteria of it ? I don’t think. Anything that appeal others is beauty, and then it hardly matters whether it is physical or emotional.

That enticing factor is present in each one of us and it can literally be anything.

There are people whose smile is appealing , some steal our hearts with their thoughts and perceptions ,while some have a striking personality, some even look beautiful in their gestures ; beauty can be your talent, your outlook , your words and it is hardly bounded on features and complexion.

“Beauty comes from actually knowing who you are.”

It is not about what we crave for , but rather something deep inside all of us which makes us stand apart, uniquely and differently enchanting.

“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” is outdated it rather lies in our own eyes. Until and unless we are able to discover charm factor, nobody else in the world will be able to.

So to all the unrepeated combinations out there, stand bold and shine bright because no one else will be able to you do it the way you can.

2 thoughts on “The Unrepeated Combination

  1. Avisha Yaduvanshi

    So true.I hope everyone understands it.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. They will understand ….😄😄

      Liked by 1 person

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