Sports for development…

Development and sports seems hardly linkable . But then , when it is the “International Day of Sports for Development and Peace”...there has to be a connection ..!!

Development is a term which cannot be confined , it is such vast . Personality , intellect , physical , psychological , emotional , personal , social and what not …!!

The world is moving fast and development is one thing we just wouldn’t ignore . When I think of various ways of developing , Sports- sounds an interesting , effective yet an easy way for the overall growth of a person .

Hundreds of clubs,courses and classes ..then we develop , why not go out and sweat in the fields and courts , be it any game , any sport …it hardly matters when we sweat!!

Fitness, pride, overall personality, inbuilt confidence, discipline , associations , and popularity (Yes..!! Of course sports persons are always popular)….; what else will a modern being of the 21st Century want apart from these traits , and this is what exactly is offered by the field of sports.

At this point we just cannot ignore the myth …that sports : is a study spoiler . Well , I wouldn’t agree! Infact if we a committed and wise enough, this physical exertion will be a study enhancer in every possible way. That’s exactly why no one should hesitate in going out on the field and giving it all you have …because that is the only exertion which you wouldn’t mind having and would rather enjoy.

They say that no country will develop through sports. Let us take India …, check out the recent medal tally of the Indian athletes at the Asiads and Commonwealth Games. The increase is not only in the number of medals but also in the pride and esteem of India. If this is not what we can call development then , I just don’t know what else can be called …?!

6th April , ‘The International Day of Sports for Development and Peace‘ , is one such day when we must understand the literal meaning of , ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.’

So just step out of the so called worldly premises, play hard and do let play, because I am looking forward to a fitter and better tomorrow…!!

4 thoughts on “Sports for development…

  1. Chetan

    Development is relative term surely it has no limitation it can be linked with anything with sports with spirit with culture……. but heath is the only and direct parameter to asses development of any state.
    My perception.

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    1. Thank u for sharing your valuable thoughts ..I surely agree to your perception .

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  2. Chetan

    Well it is fantastic thought
    Written by you.

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    1. Thank u so much …

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