India-a nation or a country…

I wouldn’t blame if someone gets confused between nation and country . Certainly the terms are quite common in use but hardly has the same meaning .
Country is a geographical entity which is self governing and nation is a group of people held together by common ideas and ethics .
Well , when it comes to India, it can rightly be regarded as a country rather than a nation. Diversity in India was always accompanied by unity for ages but now it is a completely changed scenario .
It’s not about diverse mindset. It is the disagreeability of people on things we must agree upon for the betterment of all . It confuses me when I see people doing things they are not supposed to do .
Why do we have to throw litters on the pathways, when we appreciate the cleaner ones in other countries…?!
Why do we have to waste resources when only we will suffer in its scarcity …?!
Why do we have to remain silent when it comes to the protection and rights of our girls…?!
The questions are unanswered …but are definitely reasonable!! What holds us back is the tendency most of our people to fight for their rights and forget about their duties.

I will not , infact I cannot blame every citizen , but then if there are thousands who know their duties then there are another thousands who do not care whatever may happen around.
Is it really impossible for us to come together and share a common set of actions for our NATION..??!
We are all free to have our own point of view for different issues but then we need not to fight or argue with others on anything.
We just cannot afford to be divided by faith, language,culture,political party or leaders …this must not be the diversity of India.
When we all come together physically and psychologically during any terror attack ,surgical strike ,natural calamity ,on Republic and Independence days ; we can definitely be held together for the betterment of the country or rather nation ..
Afterall it’s all about going ahead and declaring to the world that we are part of India- a nation which stands together stronger and a nation which is beautifully diverse yet solely united…

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